Child's Planning Process

Following a judgment of the Supreme Court, the Scottish Government are making changes to the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. Those changes will relate to the information sharing provisions in the legislation. The Practitioners Guide to Information Sharing, Confidentiality and Consent will be revised once those changes to the legislation are known. In the meantime, please utilise the Practitioners Guide with that in mind. The overarching principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 apply. If you are in any doubt about the sharing of information in particular circumstances, contact your agency’s legal advisers.

Child's Plan Documents 

Section A - Who's Who? (Word doc) (PDF Exemplar)
Section B - Why do we need a plan? (Word doc) (PDF Exemplar)
Section C - What does everyone think? (Word doc)
Section D - Action Plan (Word doc)
Section E - Chronology (Word doc) (PDF Exemplar)
Section F - Anticipatory Care Plan (Word doc)
Frequently Asked Questions
Children 1st Moray - Rights, Advocacy and Mediation Services

Child's Planning Process Guidance 

NB All of the following documents are subject to change at very short notice. To ensure you are using the correct version, it is very important that you only access documents through this website.

Getting it Right for Every Child in Moray Pathway
ASN Staged Intervention for Education
Child's Planning Pathway guidance
Child's Planning Process flowchart
Child's Planning Process guidance  - Due to the Supreme Court judgement and suspension of Parts 4 and 5, the 'Statutory Child's Plan' will be known as 'Child's Plan'. This Plan should still be used when targeted intervention is requested.

Named Person Service for Exceptional Cases
Duty Named Person (under review)
Moray Lead Professional Resolution flowchart

Child Protection and Wellbeing Policy

Child Protection and Wellbeing Policy Reporting Concerns Procedure

Additional Resource Allocation Group (ARAG) 

The information below is now live. 
This updated request form (which replaces PSG and ARMG request forms) is the only one that will be accepted by ARAG from 1 April 2017. 
Process (PDF) and Request Form (Word)

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