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Finding a suitable home/providing accommodation in Moray

A guide for private landlords A guide for private tenants
Allocations Policy & Points System Housing functional assessment
Evictions advice: homeowners Evictions advice: private tenants      
Evictions advice: social tenants Guide to housing options in Moray
Housing options for people with disabilities Housing support services
I need to find somewhere to live      Moray Keyfund rent deposit scheme
Moving into your new home Private landlord registration        
 Temporary Accommodation Charging Policy  

Leaflets for Council Tenants

A guide to tenant participation Downsizing incentive scheme
Ending your tenancy Evictions advice: social tenants
Gas appliance servicing monitor Gas safety
Home contents insurance Joint Tenancies
Letting standard Passing on (assigning) your tenancy
Please pay your rent on time Qualifying occupiers
Reduce your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning Right to Repair
Subletting your home Succeeding to a Scottish secure tenancy
Taking care of your garden Taking in a lodger
What to do if a council tenant dies Universal Credit: A guide for Moray Council tenants
The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014: Changes to your tenancy rights as a Scottish secure tenant
The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014: Changes to your tenancy rights as a short Scottish secure tenant

Other leaflets

Gypsies/Travellers information leaflet
Scottish Housing Regulator - Complaints and Significant Performance Failures Leaflet, PDF

Scottish Government - Right to Compensation and Improvements Leaflet PDF

Guide for EEA and EU citizens in Scotland Leaflet

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