The Council approved its Capital Plan for 2022/23 on 22 February 2022.  

The Council recognises five principal drivers for capital expenditure:

Legislative requirements
Efficiencies or spend to save projects
Maintenance of assets and operations at current approved levels
Service developments
Council priorities

Capital expenditure is funded from three sources: capital grants from Scottish Government and other sources; capital receipts from the sale of assets or from developer obligations; borrowing.

When the Council borrows for capital expenditure, the capital financing charges incurred are met from the revenue budget.  Therefore the Capital Plan has a direct impact on the revenue budget and the two are considered jointly at the same budget-setting meeting of Council.

A summary of the Plan can be reached from the link below.

The Councils Capital Strategy underpins the Councils 10 year capital plan and was revised and approved by Committee on 19 January 2022

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