Revenue Budget

The council set its budget for 2018/19 on 14 February 2018.

At the time the budget was set, the council has received notification of its funding allocations for 2018/19 only.  These are dependent on the Scottish Government budget being passed on 21 February 2018.

The council receives grant funding from Scottish Government, partly as General Revenue Grant and partly as a share of the money collected by the council from businesses on the Scottish Government’s behalf.  In total this comes to 80% of the council’s funding.  

The council has agreed savings of £6.26 million in 2018/19.  This leaves a shortfall against planned expenditure of £4,726,000 which is planned to be funded from council reserves.

The budget approved on 14 February can be seen by selecting the link below.  The budget has been broken down by departments.  This analysis represents the starting point for the council’s budget.  Savings and provisions for pay and price increases and to meet budget pressures will be released throughout the year.
Such amendments are approved by the Policy and Resources Committee.

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