Element 9 - Data Protection

For evidence under each element please refer to the appendices

Element 9. Data protection

The Council has Data Protection guidance for both staff and the public on the internet under Information Management. http://www.moray.gov.uk/moray_standard/page_41220.html

The information is also available to staff on the intranet under Data Protection and Information Security. 

Posters reminding staff of their responsibilities are displayed in Council buildings and the intranet is used to remind staff of their responsibilities.  Team briefings have also been used

A training presentation is also available for staff on the intranet.  This is under development with the Employee Development Unit which is procuring an online training package to enhance the delivery of training.

Requests under FOI(S)A and DPA are co-ordinated by the Chief Executive’s office. 

Appendix 24 - Information Management  - Data Protection 
Appendix 25 - Data Protection Guide 2018 (PDF)
Appendix 26 – Think Privacy Poster – personal and sensitive information (PDF)
Appendix 27 – The Moray Council website - Information Management 
Appendix 28 – The Moray Council Privacy Notice (PDF)
Appendix 29 - Subject Access Request Form (PDF)
Appendix 30 – Guidance on answering a data subject access request (PDF) 
Appendix 31 - Data breach management guidelines - draft (PDF)
Appendix 32 - Data protection training (PDF)
Appendix 33 – Details of the council's ICO registration details here (PDF)

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