Recycling - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recycle light bulbs?

Yes. Domestic properties should dispose of all fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps (low energy lamps) at a staffed recycling centre. Normal (non-energy saving) bulbs should be disposed of in your green residual bin.

Commercial quantities of fluorescent tubes can be disposed of at Edmundson Electrical. A charge will be incurred for this service.

I have a large quantity of books - how do I dispose of them?

Books can be placed in the 'Book Banks' which are sited at some of the recycling points or any recycling centre. Alternatively, you could join Freecycle which is an independent recycling website where you are able to offer various items. Books in good or reasonable condition could also be taken to your local charity shop. Books in bad condition can be placed in your blue recycling bin.

Where to donate/dispose of old furniture?

• Local charity shops
Wastebusters, Forres, T: 01309 676056
Furniture re-use network
recycle for Scotland

How can I recycle my old (real) Christmas tree?

Take it to any of our staffed recycling centres or put it out with your kerbside recycling garden/food waste bin.

How can I recycle my old Yellow Pages and phone books?

Yellow Pages, phone books and catalogues can all be recycled in your kerbside recycling blue bin. They can also be placed in the paper skips at some of our recycling points or any recycling centre.

How can I recycle Tetra Paks/drinks cartons?

Tetra Paks/drinks cartons can be placed in your kerbside recycling blue bin. They can also be placed in the paper skips at some of the recycling points or any recycling centre.

What can I put out for collection to be recycled?

You can recycle paper, card, glass bottles, jars, all food and drinks cans/tins, aerosols, plastic trays and plastic bottles (Types PETE 1 & HDPE 2). Find out more about organising your recycling.

What happens to old appliances after they're collected?

After collecting your old appliances from one of our recycling centres or using our bulky uplift service, they are transported to Viridor in Perth. Viridor will treat and remove the harmful chemicals, materials and gases before breaking them down. All components will be separated and all metals removed. Plastics and glass will be recycled where possible. Approximately 90% of the materials delivered to Viridor are recovered for reuse in the manufacturing process.

What kind of glass can be recycled?

Glass bottles and jars of any colour should be placed in your orange box to can be recycled. Their metals lids can be placed in your purple recycling bin. Glass can also be taken to recycling centres and recycling points to be recycled.

Please note: Greenhouses, window – panes, vehicle glass, Pyrex dishes, ornaments, vases and mirrors are unsuitable for recycling. Drinking glasses and broken glass should be disposed of inside the green residual bin.

Find out more about what can be recycled.

Where can I obtain further information on recycling?

Read and download our Recycling Guide.

Can I recycle envelopes?

Yes, envelopes can be recycled in your blue recycling bin. They can also be taken to some recycling points or any recycling centre. Window envelopes and envelopes with bubble wrap will also be accepted.

Can I recycle batteries?

Yes, batteries are accepted at all staffed recycling centres. All major supermarkets and some larger shops who sell batteries will provide a ‘take back’ scheme.

Can I recycle plastic? 

Yes, plastic marked as  PETE Suitable plastic for recycling logo, HDPE Suitable plastic for recycling logoand PP Suitable plastic for recycling logo  can be recycled in Moray at the moment. They can be placed in your purple recycling bin or will be accepted in the specific purple plastics-only containers at the staffed recycling centres. To ensure maximum efficiency for transport and minimise damage to baling equipment, please rinse out bottles, ensure that the air is removed then crush flat and replace the lid before depositing in the container.

Can I retrieve something I accidentally put in my recycling bin?

It is highly unlikely as there are several tonnes of each recyclable stream collected each day. If you realise you have lost something in one of your bins and it has been uplifted, please call us on the day of collection. There is a very small chance of retrieving it.

I have a lot of cardboard to be recycled - what quantity will be collected at the kerbside?

From a domestic source we will collect your recycling bins/box every fortnight. Additional card can be presented as long as it is flattened to reduce the volume.

WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment)

As part of a ‘take back’ scheme, most retailers are obliged to collect used electrical goods on a like-for-like with what was purchased. Retailers exempt from this will have contributed to a compliance scheme which provides a free uplift and recycling service to councils. When purchasing any new items, please check removal options with the retailer. Electrical items can also be taken to our staffed recycling centres and placed in the dedicated skips for recycling.

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