Procedure for Admissions to Primary School

What’s the difference between “registering” and “enrolling” my child?

“Registering” your child with an Education Authority is the general action you need to take: this simply lets the Education Authority know how many children there are and where.  “Enrolling” your child is an action of choice that you take when deciding how and where your child will be educated.

When do I register my child for education in Moray?


  • when you move to Moray from another area, in which case you should register your school age children immediately at the local school,


  •   when your child reaches school age (see below)

How do I know when to register my child for P1?

Registration for children due to start Primary 1 in August 2017 takes place in the week commencing 23 January 2017.  An advert will appear in the local press, and posters will be displayed within the local neighbourhood inviting parents to register their child for Primary 1 at their local catchment area school.  If you do not register at this time, please contact your local school as soon as possible.  Parents should take their child’s birth certificate and proof of address e.g. utility bill to the school when they register.  At the same time as registering, parents can get information about making a request for a place in another school of their choice (a “Placing Request”).

A child will normally start Primary 1 in August 2017 if his/her fifth birthday falls between 1 March 2017 and 28 February 2018.

If the child’s fifth birthday falls between 16 August 2017 (the day after the school term starts) and 28 February 2018, a parent may wish to delay starting Primary 1 until the following August when the child will be 5½ years old.  This is known as “deferring entry”.  All parents requesting a deferred entry must discuss this with their current pre-school centre and their possible primary school.

My child only just misses the deadline: can he/she be assessed for early entry to Primary School?

If the child is under 4½ years old the parent can make a request for “early entry” to education.  The Early Entry Assessment Team will assess the child and make a recommendation as to whether school education is suitable for the child.  (see the 'Information for Parents' leaflet entitled “Early Entry to School” for further information)

When and how do I enrol my child at school?

When you register your child for education in Moray you will also be expected to state which of the following options you wish to take:

  • enrol your child at your local school
  • make a placing request (ie ask to attend another school)
  • (P1 entry) defer entry to school for a year

For most parents, the choice is simply to enrol children at their local school.

I want to make a Placing Request.  What do I do?

You must still register your child at the local school but you can state on your registration form your intention to make a Placing Request and ask for the appropriate form.  Placing Requests for admission to P1 in August should be returned by 15 March.  (see the “Information for Parents” leaflet entitled “Placing Requests” for further information)

I want to provide for my child’s education outside the school system.  What do I do?

If your child has not yet attended school, you don’t need to do anything except continue to provide education for your child.  You do not need permission.  If your child has already attended a nursery unit within a school, the situation is exactly the same.  However, if you contact us (the education authority) we will be happy to offer our advice and support (see the 'Information for Parents' leaflet entitled “Education at Home” for further information)

What does “deferred entry” mean and is my child eligible?

If your child’s 5th birthday falls between the date that the school term begins in August and the last day of the following February you can choose either to enrol your child for the August before he/she reaches the age of 5 or to delay his/her enrolment in school until the following August.  Taking the choice to delay enrolment for a year is known as “deferring entry”.

The Moray Council considers that provision made for 4year olds in Moray should ensure that only in exceptional circumstances should a child’s entry to school be deferred.  (see the 'Information for Parents' leaflet entitled “Deferred Entry to Primary School” for further information“) 

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