What is Adoption?

Adoption means that you become the legal parent of a child who was not born to you. It is a process made legally binding by the court. It will transfer to you all legal rights and responsibilities (as stated in the Children (Scotland) Act 1995) as a parent of the child. 

When you adopt you are making a life long commitment to a child. Adoption is one option that can be chosen for children who need a permanent home with people other than their parents. 

There are a range of reasons as to why children cannot live with their parents, and this has changed over time. The main reason that children are adopted now is that their parents are not able to look after them properly. Most children needing adoptive homes will have been looked after by foster carers, and many will have had difficult experiences whilst in their parents care. 

The children who need adoptive families are mainly under five, but can be older. Some children need to be adopted with their siblings.

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