Winter Maintenance

Each year during the winter period from October until the middle of April we monitor road and weather conditions to provide a winter maintenance service for the treatment of ice and snow conditions on our roads. There are over 14,950 tonnes of salt held in stores, with 90 personnel and 40 gritting and snowploughing vehicles on standby throughout the Council area. A fleet of snowblowers and footway ploughs are also strategically located to deal with severe snow conditions when they arise. 

We operate a sophisticated ice detection system. Roadside weather stations record extensive data including air temperature, road surface temperature and whether the road is dry, wet or icy.

This information is available to trained staff in the roads maintenance offices, where they can monitor road conditions from 5.30am to 9pm. Staff are on standby outwith these hours to deal with emergencies.

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Winter Maintenance Scheduled Treatment (Gritting) Map

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