Grit Bins in Moray

Use the  map below to view the grit bins we provide and are responsible for the upkeep of. You can zoom in and out on this map. 

Clicking on an existing grit bin will open up a menu from which you can choose to report a problem with that bin, or request that it is refilled.

Alternatively, find your nearest grit bin by entering your postcode on our online location tool.

Request a grit bin

Before making a request for a grit bin to be located near your property, we would first encourage you to find your nearest grit bin as there may be one closer than you realise.

If you still want to proceed with a request for a new grit bin then please use the button below to email us.  Please make sure that your email includes your full name, address (including town and postcode), contact number(s), preferred email address and a description of where you would like the new grit bin to be located

If the suggested location meets our criteria we will then send you a map of the area, and request that you agree a suitable location with your neighbours, mark that clearly on the map, then return it to us.

Request a grit bin

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