Gritting Priorities - Footpaths & Cycle Tracks

We are responsible for maintaining a footway, footpath and cycle track network of approximately 599km (372 miles) in length.  It is impossible to treat every location at the same time, therefore each footway, footpath and cycle track has been assigned a Priority for gritting - a list showing the priority of each footway, footpath and cycle track can be found within Appendix D of the Winter Service Operational Plan

Pre-treatment of footways and cycle tracks will not be carried out.

Some useful advice for members of the public who wish to clear the footway in front of their property can be found on the Scottish Government’s website.

Our priorities are detailed in Part 1 of the Winter Service Operational Plan, and summarised in the table below.

Priority 1

Heavily Trafficked Routes

Covered during the whole business day (i.e. 9am to 5pm) Monday to Saturday and on Sundays as required.

Priority 2 and 3


All other footways and cycle tracks in our area will be considered to have a lower priority although again priority will be given to the more heavily trafficked routes.  

These routes will be treated when conditions are severe enough to prevent the passage of pedestrians for a considerable period of time and where it is considered, in the light of prevailing weather forecasts, that the conditions might be expected to persist

Please note: Trunk Roads (A96 and A95 Keith to Aviemore Section) are the responsibility of Transport Scotland and are maintained by Amey (0800 028 1414) on their behalf. 

Time Scales

The Priority 1 Network is treated first. When ploughing of snow is necessary, the treatment of the Priority 1 Network will take considerably longer. Treatment on the remaining network will be carried out, when necessary, in priority order (e.g. P2, then P3).  

Due to the reactive nature of this operation, we are unable to give a clear indication as to when a particular road, footpath or cycle track will be treated.

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