Food Complaints

Food Authorities have a responsibility to investigate food complaints passed onto them by consumers.

If you wish us to handle your complaint, we need to know if you prefer the matter to be dealt with formally or informally. The depth of our investigation is usually much the same in either case. However, where a formal investigation is made we are more likely to require laboratory reports and witness statements. Complainants must be aware from the outset that if they make a formal complaint they may be required to give evidence in court.

If you wish to make an Informal complaint and do not want your identity to be revealed to the manufacturer, distributor or retailer of the product, please say so when reporting the matter.

It also helps to have as much information as possible at the start of an enquiry, e.g. -

  • Description of the food (including full product name, size, date code, etc.)
  • Name and address of the retailer and manufacturer
  • Date and time of purchase
  • Date and time the problem was identified
  • Receipts (if available)
  • Particulars of witnesses
  • Nature of the complaint (e.g. unfit food, foreign body, defective label, etc.)
  • How the item was handled and stored after purchase

We also need to be given the product or its remains and its original container where possible.

The action we take after a complaint has been investigated depends upon the quality of the evidence, the seriousness of the problem and the diligence of the retailer, manufacturer or other persons responsible.

If you have a complaint about the standard of hygiene of a food premises, or about the food bought from a food premises , you can contact us using the contact details below.

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