FOI Request - Closure and Mothballing of Inveravon School

Request 101003187911

wish to request copies of Moray Council documentation relating to the closure and mothballing of Inveravon Primary School in 2017:

1. All reports pertaining to the educational standards at Inveravon School prepared under the Quality Indicator Framework (HGIOS4) since 2016;

2. All documentation from Moray Council to parents of pupils at Inveravon School relating to the school's closure and alternative arrangements offered for transport and enrolment of pupils at an alternative school from 2017;

3. Dates of departures of pupils from Inveravon School from 2016 to 2017;

4. Legal documentation relating to the 'gifting' by Ballindalloch Estate of the land for building of Inveravon School, from the early nineteenth century.

Response 22-12-2022

1. Please find the below the most recent reports that related to the reporting of education standards at Inveravon prior to the school mothballing in 2017. These reports are:

Inveravon QI gradings based on How Good Is Our School 3 (we are now on HGIOS4)
Inveravon Inspection Letter – January 2012
Post-inspection follow-up visit by Continuous Improvement Team (March 2013)

2.-4. Detailed responses to these questions, which were raised during the public consultation on the proposal to close Inveravon Primary School, that took place between 29 August 2022 and 7th October 2022, will be published within the Consultation Report due for publication at the end of February 2023. Therefore this information is exempt under Section 27 (1) and 27(2) of the Freedom of Information Act - Information intended for future publication within 12 weeks of the request. 

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