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Do you work with the adult in a professional capacity?

If you work or volunteer with someone you think is at risk of harm you have a duty to report concerns about an adult who may be an adult at risk. While it is good practice to talk with the adult and seek their permission to pass on your concerns their agreement is not required.  Confidentiality is over-ridden by the duty to report under the legislation.

Please refer to your organisation’s adult protection policy.

Please use this referral form and give as much information as you can (Link) and e-mail to the Access Team   

If you think a crime has been committed call police Scotland on 999 (emergencies only) or 101

Or call the Moray Council Access Team on 01343 563999

Policy & Guidance


Adult Support and Protection - National Guidance

Adult Support and Protection  - Grampian Guidance

Adult Support and Protection  - Moray Guidance


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