Families and Friends

Are you a friend, neighbour or relative or a member of the public?

Your friend, neighbour or relative who you are worried about is relying on you to help. If you are not sure if your friend or relative is an adult at risk then please report it anyway. It is better to be mistaken than to leave someone at risk of harm.

You can remain anonymous. If you wish we will not reveal who reported their concerns. But it does help our inquiries if we can contact you to ask for more details.

There are a number of ways you can report your concerns

If you think a crime has been committed call police Scotland on 999 (urgent calls only) or 101

If you are worried about someone you can call 01343 563999 or e-mail accesscareteam@moray.gov.uk

Contact Us

Moray Community Care Access Team

01343 563999


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