2019 Digital Services Education Survey Results

In June 2019, we asked you to tell us what services you use online – and what you would like to do online – when you're managing information and payments for your child's school. We received a great response, with every primary and secondary school across Moray represented.

Over half of you already paying for school meals online – and 42% of those who don’t are already receiving free school meals for their P1-P3 children. It’s a great indication of how much you love our fresh, tasty school dinners!

There’s a range of options that you’d like to see introduced to our school online payments facility, from paying for school photographs to buying school uniforms. We’ve put together a Top Ten of the services you’d like to see introduced: click here to view the full infographic showing how you responded.

While 'view trips information' was the service you would most like to see introduced – and the one you’d most like to pay for online as well – there are a host of other digital opportunities that we can explore. We are always looking to improve communications between schools and parents: by making more of your interactions available digitally, at a time that suits you, we can replace the traditional ‘schoolbag run’ with direct digital communications, providing a ‘one stop shop’ to access information about your child’s education.

Reducing our carbon footprint is also an important consideration, and moving to online services – for example, by providing report cards and annual information update requests digitally – creates an opportunity to save thousands of sheets of paper every year.

It's great feedback for us and we'll be taking it all on board as we continue to improve and develop the information and services we provide on our website. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond; your answers will help shape the provision of digital services in schools. Watch this space!


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