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The Community Empowerment Action Plan was launched by Scottish Government and COSLA in 2009. The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015  has moved this a stage further by enhancing community involvement in community planning; creating opportunities for influencing public service provision and decision making; and for community asset ownership and management. The aim of the Act is to improve outcomes for communities, encourage and promote dialogue, tackling inequalities, and supporting the increased participation of those who voices are less heard or who face additional barriers.

Part 3 of the Act (Participation Requests) is focused on extending and improving community participation in improving outcomes for communities. It is the legislation that enables communities to request to participate in decisions and process which are aimed at improving outcomes.

Participation Request can be considered as the following:

• To help people start a dialogue about something that matters to their community, through highlighting needs, issues or opportunities for improvement.
• To help people have their voice heard in policy and service development, through contributing to decision making processes.
• To help people to participate in the design, delivery, monitoring or review of service provision, through contributing to service change or improvement.
• To help people challenge decisions and seek support for alternatives which improve outcomes.

Moray Council recognises the importance of Part 3 of the Act as a new channel for engagement with community bodies. The Council recognises the need for a robust culture of participation and a proactive approach to the community.

Moray Council will provide support (upon request) to community bodies which are:

• Considering the option of making a participation request;
• In the process of making a participation request;
• Participating in an outcome improvement process.

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