LR188 - Rosemount, 5 Mayne Road, Elgin

Proposed erection of bungalow within garden ground at Rosemount, 5 Mayne Road, Elgin.

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Application No: 17/00590/APP

Date Type of Document Document Name
07/09/17 Notice Notice of Review and Supporting Documents
13/09/17 Letters Applicant: Acknowledgement
Development Management: Notification
Interested Parties: Notification
15/09/17 Papers Development Management: MLRB Documents
29/09/17 Papers Interested Party: Further Representation
29/09/18 Letters Applicant: Further Representations Notification
09/10/17 Letters Applicant: Site Visit Notification
10/10/17 Papers Applicant: Response to Further Representation
26/10/17 Letter Interested Party: Procedure Notice
06/11/17 Papers Interested Party: Response to Procedure Notice
09/11/17 Papers Applicant: Response to Interested Party's response to Procedural Notice
14/11/17 Letter Applicant: Reconvened Committee Meeting Notification
07/12/17 Letter Applicant: Procedure Notice and enc
05/01/18 Papers Applicant: Response to Procedure Notice
12/01/18 Letters Applicant: Committee Notification
Interested Parties: Committee Notification
09/02/18 Notice Decision Notice

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