Different Housing Needs

We understand that different people have different housing needs, and we can offer options for extra support, from adaptations to your home, to installing alarms. Find out more about your options.

Section 5 of the Housing Options Guide provides information on applying for council housing, which can be adapted if you have a disability. Or, if you are over 60 or have a disability, we may recommend sheltered housing to suit your needs.

We also run Moray Lifeline and Telecare, a community alarm system which helps you feel safer in your home. You can read more about the scheme.

Ownership Options is a charity based in Edinburgh that provide information, advice and other support to disabled people (which include people with learning disabilities), carers and professionals to improve access to housing in the owner occupied sector.  For further information look at the Ownership Options website or contact our Home Improvement Services department

For a free assessment of your needs, we have a Community Care team who can visit you and assess your care needs. This includes cooking, bathing, dressing and any other support you may need around the home. You can email the Community Care team to arrange an appointment.

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