Kinship Care Appendix 1 Process for Application Forms and Checks

Appendix 1

Process for application form and checks

  1. The assessment process will start when the prospective Kinship care returns the completed and signed application form to the Clerical Assistant, Placement Services (Kinship Care), 6 Moss Street, Elgin, IV30 1LU, 01343 563563.
  2. Kinship worker will arrange for completion of Disclosure forms and health forms and for the processing of these together with checks to local authorities and references (letter and form).
  3. There should be Disclosures completed on adults in the household: adult being any person 16+yrs.
  4. Worker should discuss with those adults the process and purpose of Disclosure and confirm the evidence that will be needed- driving licence / passport/ birth certificate etc
  5. Worker should witness, photocopy and sign copied evidence, recording the date on which they witnessed the originals.
  6. Disclosure forms should be signed by the proposed carer.
  7. The Clerical Assistant will confirm when the Disclosure is returned and arrange for a memo evidencing the outcome of the check to be placed on the Kinship Carers file.
  8. The Kinship Worker will notify the Child’s Social Worker of the outcome of the checks
  9. Kinship Worker will record details of outcome of enquiries for Disclosure in Carefirst. The assessing worker will record this within the assessment report, together with any discussion as appropriate.

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