Element 13 - Assessment and Review

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Element 13. Assessment and review procedures 

Internal Audit with the support of the Records Manager will audit one or two elements of the plan on an annual basis from 2014/15.  A different element(s) will be selected for audit each year, and the form and content of the review will have regard to the level of risk associated with the topic selected and any other sources of assurance available.  ‘Follow up’ exercises will be completed to ensure recommendations arising from prior audits have been implemented as agreed. The records management audit will be built into the annual work plans for Internal Audit and the Records Manager.  It is likely that the Records Management Liaison Group will be involved with audits that impact on the services they oversee.  The Continuous Improvement Team in Education & Social Care will support the audit and adherence to the plan for this service.

Each of the policies, procedures and guidance have been produced to promote good records management practice across the Council and to ensure a consistent approach to managing records.  Guidelines and policies have involved consultation with relevant staff including ICT, Legal services and users. 

The guidance and information has been made available to all staff via the intranet and will be enhanced once the EDRMS has been fully implemented with an information management library of documents.

Any information produced must be updated in line with new legislation and to keep abreast of changes in theory, practice and technology. The same is true of training and career professional development.

Information has been updated to reflect the introduction of the PRSA.

Appendix 42 – Executive Summary of the Internal Audit of Computer Use and Internet.
Appendix 43 – Records Management Liaison Group

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