Element 11 - Audit Trail

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Element 11. Audit Trail

Paper records held in the corporate closed records are tracked from request to retrieval to return.  During the recent rationalization of office accommodation a corporate closed records store has been established which allows for more centralized control over these paper files.  Some closed files do remain with services.

Current records are being centralised and their retrieval done by the customer services team.  Services use the corporate EDRMS to request the files.  Returned items are automatically removed from the sheet and maintained in an historic record for audit purposes.

Archive records are requested via the Local Heritage Staff using a standard request form.  This is passed to the delivery staff who collect the archives from the archive store.  Handling guidelines have been produced to ensure good practice in the handling of the archives. A spreadsheet is maintained to keep track of retrievals and returns and to provide statistics re usage.

Electronic systems audit creation and modification of records. 

Appendix 37 - Closed record request procedures (PDF)

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