Element 10 - Business Continuity and Vital Records

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Element 10. Business continuity plan, including vital records policy 

Through the process of business impact analysis the Council has identified critical functions and service managers have identified key information required for the continuity of service delivery.  Service managers then put in place arrangements to ensure that this information can be accessed during any disruptive incident. This is written up as the Council Business Continuity Plan.

Services were asked to identify critical and vital records as part of the business impact analysis.

Co-ordination of emergency planning across the three local authorities in Grampian is delivered jointly by a joint team:  Grampian Emergency Planning Unit.  An Emergency Planning Officer is based in Elgin.

As emergency situations arise, other Council officers are brought in to co-ordinate the Council’s response and to provide expert advice and assistance.  The arrangements to detailing the Council’s response to the effects of major emergencies whatever their cause is contained within Emergency Planning Policy & Procedures

The corporate EDRMS has been set up to ensure that it is regularly backed up, supported and is mirrored so that in the event of failure no data will be lost.

The council employ a Business Continuity Officer, based in Directorate of Environmental Services, who works closely with the Records Manager.

Appendix 34 - Internet – Business Continuity 
Appendix 35 - Business Continuity Policy (PDF) 
Appendix 36 - Internet – Emergency Planning

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