Element 7 - Archiving and Transfer Arrangements

For evidence please refer to the appendices below.

Element 7. Archiving policy and transfer arrangements 

The Council records retention schedule states which records are to be archived and which are to be sampled for review by the records manager.  In addition the Council has in place a suite of guidance on archival appraisal, collecting policy, deposit forms and advice to depositors, preservation and disaster management.  The Council uses the Adlib software to accession and receipt new accessions. Responsibility for the archives rests with the Local Heritage Officer under the management of the Principal Librarian, Moray Council Library Service.

The Council has a draft migration policy under development for the future proofing and migration of records including those with long or permanent retentions for the corporate EDRMS. 

The Council has both a corporate closed paper records store and an archive and local heritage store.  The archive store is not to BS5454(2000).

Staff are alert to the importance of historic records and will refer items to the records manager for appraisal before destruction.

Appendix 15 - Archive collecting policy (PDF)
Appendix 16 - Review for Archives, Appraisal Policy (PDF)
Appendix 17 - Deposit Form (PDF)
Appendix 18 - Depositor Advice (PDF)
Appendix 19 - Preservation Policy (PDF)
Appendix 20 - EDRMS Migration Guidance – draft (PDF)

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