Element 6 - Destruction Arrangements

For evidence please refer to the appendices below.

Element 6. Disposal (destruction) arrangements

The Council has had a corporate confidential paper waste destruction contract in place since 2008.  The contract is currently held by Shred-it, Scotland Ltd. The contract operates by regular collections from consoles at key points within offices and also by ad hoc purges as required.

The contract is also used to destroy computer disks, hard drives and backup tapes when they reach the end of their lifecycle.  Any other electronic information which has been deleted by the user – file, folder or email, will be removed from the system immediately.  Business critical information may have been backed-up and could remain on the ICT backup system for a further 3 months until routinely deleted.

In future the EDRMS will delete records at the end of their retention period.

Appendix 12 - Identification of and Secure Disposal of Confidential, Personal, Sensitive and Commercially Sensitive Records, 2009
Appendix 13 - Destruction authorisation template PDF
Appendix 14 - Shred-it destruction certificate PDF

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