Highland and Moray FLAG

Introduced as a unique feature of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) 2007-2014, Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) were set up to deliver the EFF Axis 4 funding programme and initiate a community-led approach towards the sustainable development of fisheries areas. FLAGs have since been established all over Europe and will now help deliver the Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) programme under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 2014-2020.

Main role of the FLAG:
- Agree a Local Development Strategy to determine where funding should be directed
- Raise awareness of funding opportunities to local communities
- Consider applications for funding that match the criteria set out within the Local Development Strategy.

FLAG Development Officers are in place to help with the application process.

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Moray Contact:
Fiona Hepburn (Moray FLAG Development Officer)
Telephone: 01343 563658
Email: fiona.hepburn@moray.gov.uk

Contact Us

Development Officer
Economic Development Dept.
The Moray Council, Council Offices
High Street, Elgin
IV30 1BX

0300 123 4561

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