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Staff Paperwork

(email to

  • Staff contracts
  • Job descriptions – must include the following wording: The post will be part funded by the European Social Fund and the postholder will spend 100% of their working time on this project which is called “Employability Moray Operations and Admin – ref 000162”.

Client paperwork

To be input into the Hanlon system. Please email when you have got a new client fully registered on the system – or a client has left the project – or when you have added missing paperwork.

  1. Registration form - signed and dated by client and caseworker. 
  2. Learning Plan (Word) – signed and dated by client and caseworker. Can use Hanlon learning plan or your own version – or the example version. 
  3. Case worker assessment form (Word). see example below. 
  4. Evidence of right to work in UK; employment status and 2 x barriers. – see Backup Evidence (Word) with examples. 
  5. Attendance. Sheet/timetable showing participant’s attendance on project 
  6. Written evidence of work done. In any format. 
  7. Leavers Form (Word) - signed and dated by participant and caseworker. see example, or use your own version 
  8. Evidence of outputs/results. 
    • Evidence of new job (within 4 weeks of leaving). e.g. contract or first payslip
    • Evidence of moving to further education/training (within 4 weeks of leaving). e.g. letter from College
    • Evidence of qualification gained during course. e.g. certificate
  9. 6 month follow up. A written description of participant’s situation 6 months after leaving.
  10. Evidence if in work 6 months after leaving. e.g. payskip or job contract

CLAIM FORMS - Email to and

  1. Completed Claim form (Word)
  2. Evidence of publicity
  3. Staff Payslips
  4. Bank statements to match payslips
  5. Matching BACS statements (if appropriate)
  6. Statements showing employers NI and employers pension

Participant Guidance (PDF)

Participant Data and Evidence FAQ (PDF)

Note: Rural area barrier

Much of Moray is defined as rural for this ESF project and "From Rural Area" can be used as a participant barrier. To prove "From Rural Area" as a barrier you would require the following:

  1. evidence of the participant's address
  2. AND a screen shot from the spreadsheet below showing that their postcode is indeed rural. We have provided an example screenshot below.

We have also provided a rough map below to show you which areas of Moray are defined as rural and remote rural for this project - (the map can't be used as evidence - it's just to give you a rough idea).

Rural Postcodes Spreadsheet (XLSX)

Rural barrier screnshot example (PDF)

Rural areas rough map (PDF)

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