Paying for Care

Contributing towards the cost of your care and support and the Financial Assessment

The Contribution Policy

The Self-directed Support (Scotland) Act 2013 means that the care you can choose to receive is no longer limited to the services provided by the Council. Instead, support is tailored more specifically to help you achieve your own personal goals. The aim is to give you a lot more choice in the kind of care you receive and control over how that is provided and by who.

Rather than being charged based on the individual services you receive, the Contributions Policy means that you are asked to make a contribution towards the full cost of your overall care and support package.

The Contributions Policy is the basis for evaluating your contribution to your care whether you choose Council services or other options.  We will calculate your contribution based on the information provided in your financial assessment to make sure you are not asked to pay more than you can afford.

Not all services are charged for.

Financial Assessment

Once your care plan has been agreed with you, your Care Officer will arrange for the financial assessment to be carried out and arrange a visit to help gather the details we need. You can ask a carer, relative, friend or other representative to be there to help you.

This financial assessment is always carried out after your care needs have been assessed so you can be assured the services you are offered are those which will best meet your needs and are never affected by how much you can afford to pay towards them.

When assessing your financial situation to see whether you should pay towards care at home services, we need to know about all your financial affairs.

You can choose not to have a financial assessment if you wish. However, this will mean that you will pay the full charge for the care that your care officer has agreed with you. The financial assessment is there to work out if you are entitled to financial assistance from Moray Council, and it can help you to plan for your future.

Another important reason to have the financial assessment is that from the information you provide, we will be able to see whether you may be entitled to welfare benefits you are not already receiving. We can provide you with information on benefits maximisation and you may wish to contact the Department of Work and Pensions for further details on making a claim. 

Preparing for Your Financial Assessment

It is helpful to start thinking about your finances and begin gathering documents together before the meeting so that you have all the information ready for your financial assessment.

You will need to show evidence of your weekly income and savings, such as benefit notifications, bank statements and savings books. Do you have paperwork to hand which you can show us or will you need to obtain copies? Do you know your National Insurance Number?

Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support can help you achieve changes in your life. It is an opportunity for you to have more choice and control, enabling you to enjoy greater independence.

Legal and Money Matters

Information on managing debt, claiming benefits and managing someone else's financial affairs.

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