Cullen & Deskford Community Council

Following election Cullen & Deskford Community Council has been re-established without the requirement for a ballot. There were 7 candidates for 9 seats.

Chairperson: Stewart Black

Secretary: Norman Marwick

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Meeting Details

Venue: Cullen Community Centre
Frequency: Monthly
Meeting Dates: Third Tuesday of the month
Date/Time: 7pm

Area Covered

6A Cullen (6 seats) - Cullen 
6B Deskford (3 seats) - Kirktown of Deskford, Lintmill, Bin of Cullen, Berryhillock, Skeith

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Membership (elected October 2017)

9 seats total, 4 members required as minimum.

  1. Stewart Black (Deskford)
  2. Colin Burch (Cullen)
  3. Steve Horrocks (Cullen)
  4. Philip Lovegrove (Cullen)
  5. Dennis Paterson (Cullen)
  6. Norman Marwick (Cullen)
  7. Morag Innes (Cullen) Co-opted November 2017

Vacant seats may be filled by co-option, please contact the Community Council.


Contact Us

Community Council Liaison Officer

01343 563047

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