These pages are intended for those who wish to find out more about contracting with Moray Council.

What is Procurement?

As a public body, we follow current legislation and regulations in the way that we conduct the public procurement process. The purpose is to ensure fairness, openness and transparency in the way we do business with our suppliers to ensure:-

  • proper use of public money
  • meet a statutory duty to achieve best value through the procurement process
  • compliance with Legislation
  • equality of treatment through the procurement process for all suppliers
  • compliance with our Financial Regulations

Annual Procurement Report 2022/23 (PDF)

Read our procurement strategy (PDF)

Changes to Public Procurement Rules

From 01 January 2021, after leaving the EU, changes to public procurement rules took effect. This includes the creation of a Single Procurement Document (SPD) which replaces the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) The aim is to make it easier to bid for public contracts and streamline the tendering process.

What does this mean if you are bidding for a Moray Council tender? Contract opportunities over £50,000 in value will be advertised via the Public Contracts Scotland website. Tenders will be conducted electronically using the Public Contracts Scotland Tender portal (PCS-T). These tenders will all utilise the SPD electronically and refer to minimum requirements within the contract notice. If you have previously completed a sPQQ or ESPD and have stored your answers within the PCS-T portal many of your answers will transfer across to the equivalent SPD questions.

More information and support can be found by following the links below:

The Moray Council collects and stores personal information to carry out its legal functions. Where necessary it will share this information within and outside the council. Full details of our Data Protection policy and how we may use and share your information can be found on our Data Protection page. The Procurement Privacy Notice is available here.

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