Roads Maintenance - Frequently Asked Questions

When is this pothole going to be repaired?

Public Roads are subject to routine inspections, from monthly inspections on Class A roads to once a year on Urban Unclassified roads. These inspections initiate a repair programme on an area basis.

To report a pothole please use our online form

Why has my road/ street/footpath/ not been treated for ice?

It is not possible to treat all roads/streets/footpaths at the same time. Those roads/streets/footpaths for which the Council has a statutory duty to maintain are prioritised and the higher priority routes are treated first. In times of severe weather conditions some lower priority roads/streets/footpaths may not receive treatment for many days due to multiple treatments required on higher priority roads. 

To check the priority of a road/street /footpath please see Appendix's C - F of the  Winter Service Operational Plan

How often are gullies cleaned?

The Council try to clean all gullies once a year but some gullies require more frequent cleaning.

How often is grass on roadside verges cut?

Generally once per year but certain locations may require a second cut. However, sight lines are cut more frequently.

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Roads Maintenance

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