Property Enquiry Certificates - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the council charge for a Property Enquiry Certificate?

The current fee can be found on the application form (PDF) or in our eShop where you can Apply online for a Property Enquiry Certificate,

How long does it take to process? 

The Council aim to process applications within 5 working days. However, if there is any delay in responses being received from the various departments/agencies involved this may take longer.

Does the Property Enquiry Certificate  include a “water” response? 

No, this is no longer included in our Property Enquiry Certificates.

If the application relates to more than one property/plot is a fee required to be paid for each one? 

This will depend on the property/plot and this should be made clear on the application.  Legal Services advice will then be sought and you will be advised accordingly.

Who do I send my Property Enquiry Application to?

Please return the application to:

Legal and Democratic Services Manager
The Moray Council
Council Offices
High Street
IV30 1BX

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