Issuing Procedure

General Considerations

  1. The person for whom the equipment is being provided must be a ‘disabled person’ in terms of the Rating (Disabled Persons) Act 1978. Though in some cases provision of equipment may be necessary to overcome temporary disability. The person, (here on referred to as the client) must be resident in Moray.
  2. The purpose of providing equipment is to increase or maintain functional independence.
  3. Consensus over the provision of equipment should be sought with the client, their carer, other members of the household and other agencies as appropriate.
  4. The provision of equipment should take into account the client’s current and long term need.
  5. Consideration of the role and needs of carers will be of equal importance in that it will improve the quality of care given to the carer and it will alleviate the physical demands experienced by the carer.
  6. Age and/ or prognosis should not in itself be a barrier to the provision of equipment.
  7. Ethnic and cultural aspects of the household must be considered. It may be necessary to consult with appropriate advisors.
  8. Reference should also be made to the NHS Memorandum No. 1976 (Gen) 90 document outlining NHS and Local Authority provision of equipment for people with disabilities.

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