Moray Resource Centre

A Service for Adults with a Physical or Sensory Disability

Moray Resource Centre, part of the our Community Services department, is a purpose-built community facility, which opened in February 1994. The Centre offers a range of specialised services for those with a physical and/or sensory disability who need help to adjust to change, develop confidence and skills.

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday
8.40am to 5.00pm

8.40am to 4.30pm

Day Services

Who is the service for?

The service is for adults who have a physical disability and/or sensory impairment and who would benefit from support to adjust to change. The service can help people build a network of resources that will improve quality of life and promote independent living.

What kind of support will be given?

Service users will have access to a resource worker who can support them in a variety of ways.

Resource workers can provide useful information which can help service users have more choices in their lives.

Resource workers have a comprehensive knowledge of useful resources in the community, such as housing, mental health, educational, recreational, employment, drug and alcohol services, which they support service users to access.

Resource workers are skilled in offering emotional support and can help service users adjust to change, such as, loss of employment, loss of mobility, financial difficulties, relationship breakdown and loss of confidence and self-esteem.

They can help service users identify and use resources that they have within themselves which will help people rebuild their lives and maintain independence.

What will service users do when they get there?

There are some activities provided, such as relaxation and yoga. Service users are encouraged and supported to access activities in the community. Some people like to take on a volunteering role such as working in the café or garden or being on reception.  This can help build confidence, increase self esteem and develop skills.  

People also enjoy having lunch in the café and socialising in an accessible environment.  

Do people have to come in to the centre in order to benefit from the service?

Most people are offered a day service where they come in one day a week however, the service is very flexible to suit individual need. Some people prefer to drop in to the centre when they feel they need to and others prefer to receive an outreach service where their resource worker works with them at home or in the community.

Will help be given with personal care whilst service users are in the building?

Service users will be assisted with personal care needs whilst in the building.

Client Representatives

The Moray Resource Centre has, since the inception, had client representatives as part of the team.
The role of the client representatives is to:

  • listen to ideas & suggestions
  • discuss ideas with staff
  • represent the clients at Team Meetings
  • be involved in the development of the service
  • participate in interviewing candidates for staff vacancies
  • our client representatives are elected by clients of the service

How can people access the service?

If you feel you would benefit from the service or you know someone who would, please contact the Access Team 01343 563999,

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