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Air quality is monitored across the Moray area in accordance with the UK National Air Quality Strategy.

Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 requires the local authority to review and assess air quality in its area and to determine whether or not air quality objectives are likely to be achieved.

An updating and screening assessment is carried out every three years and progress reports are prepared to fill in the gaps between the three yearly cycle of review and assessment. 

The Moray Council currently monitors nitrogen dioxide at 17 locations (PDF) (1 page,  11 KB) using passive diffusion tubes. 

You can view Progress Reports in pdf format using the links below, and you can also read our Updating and Screening Assessment.

A Progress Report  (PDF, 18 pages, 6 MB) was produced in May 2005.

Progress Report  (PDF, 23 pages, 6.76 MB) was produced in May 2007.

A Progress Report  (PDF, 14 pages, 142.15 KB ) was produced in May 2008.

A Progress Report  (PDF, 31 pages, (455.33 KB) was produced in June 2010.

A Progress Report  (PDF, 59 pages, (5.32 MB) was produced in June 2011.

A Progress Report (PDF, 64 pages, (3.04 MB) was produced May 2013.

A Progress Report (PDF, 60 pages, (7.7MB) was produced July 2014.

A Progress Report (PDF, 55 pages, (3.5MB) was produced June 2016.

A Progress Report (PDF, 49 pages, (3 MB) was produced August 2017

A Progress Report (PDF, 42 pages (816KB) was produced July 2018

A Progress Report (PDF, 56 pages 5.98 MB) was produced June 2019

A Progress Report (PDF, 55 pages 13 MB) was produced June 2020

A Progress Report (PDF, 38 pages 2 MB) was produced January 2023

A Progress Report (PDF, 24 pages 1MB) was produced May 2023

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