FOI Request - Home Care to Adults in Moray

Request 101003424356

I realise Moray falls under NHS Grampian. For all of my queries I want to answer for BOTH Moray specifically and NHS Grampian overall. I want to know;

1. How many adults are currently on the waiting list for home care.

2. The average overall waiting time for receiving care (that is including the wait to be assessed for care needs).

3. The longest time any person has been waiting for home care including waiting for assessment.

4. The average time a person waits for a care package required to facilitate their discharge from hospital.

5. The average time a person waits who has not required hospitalisation

6. The number of individuals who have died whilst on the waiting list without ever receiving care.

7. The risk assessment(s) utilised when leaving a person without care but on the waiting list. I want full details of this.

8. The risk assessment (or other relevant mechanism) used to prioritise individuals on the waiting list. Again, full details required.

Clarification sought and received 16-11-2023

Response 27-11-2023

1.-6. The information requested can be found here.

7. Risk assessment is incorporated in to all parts of the assessment process and when working with an individual.  Individuals are not being assessed to be on a waiting list. The reason people will be on a waiting list is that there is no support available. Discussions are had with individuals and their families regarding all SDS options and what that could mean for them dependent on what they choose. Alternatives are discussed as appropriate with people also. Social workers, care enablers and Assistant Community Care Officers should maintain regular contact with the individual or the family. The level of contact can depend on the individuals situation, e.g. someone with no family around about may have more frequent direct contact than an individual with family who are in regular contact and can feedback to us regarding any changes in the individual's situation.

8. Regarding priorities, workers identify people they believe may need to be deemed a higher priority. This can be for a variety of reasons e.g. someone who is approaching their end of life. Other aspects include someone who may need hospital or care home admission, carer stress etc. This may be identified at the time of being added to waiting list, but may then be identified following additional information being received regarding a situation. This is then taken to an multi-disciplinary team which looks at the risks identified, discussion takes place to determine if the MDT as a whole can look at other supports to mitigate risk as well as determining if the individual is added to priority list at that time and monitored thereafter whilst continuing to await care provision.

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