FOI Request - Road Infrastructure Management

Request 101003423429

1.  What is the length of your asphalt paved roads? Could you give an estimate of the annual budget for resurfacing/maintaining them?

2.  How often is the road and related asset condition assessed? When was the last time a report on the road surface quality was conducted?

3.  Do you use a Pavement Management System (PMS), and/or other tools to make planning and coordination easy?

4.  Do you have a full and comprehensive inventory of all the road assets (road signs, light poles, etc.) that the municipality owns such as location, condition, etc?

5.  How many insurance cases were reported about car and bicycle damages/accidents last year due to the road condition?

6.  How many reports or requests to fix road infrastructure damages were received from citizens concerning your roads last year?

If there are publicly available reports or documents with this information please feel free to share them.

Response 20-11-2023

1. Our total length of adopted roads is currently 1562.281km. Budget information is already available on our website here -

This information is therefore exempt under Section 25 – Information Otherwise Accessible and available.

 2. Scottish Road Maintenance Condition Survey (SRMCS) machine-based survey is carried out annually on a selection of roads, and our own inspections vary from annually to monthly.

3. Yes

4. This varies across assets – some are full inventory and others are partial.

5. Last year 2022 there were 20 reported cases - 2022-2023 there are 61 reported cases thus far.

6. We received 1230 carriageway-related enquiries in 2022/23.

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