FOI Request - Employee Contracts

Request 101003419319

1a)  Can you tell me how many employees are directly employed by the council?

b) Please also provide a breakdown of employees by gender split

2a)  Can you tell me how many employees within the council have multiple contracts?

b) Of those employees who do hold multiple contracts, please provide the gender split?

3.  What are the full time hours: the hours which employees must exceed to begin receiving payment for overtime?

4.  For those who work multiple contracts, do they receive overtime when they exceed the full time hours across their contracts?

Response 15-11-2023

Update to question 4 received 18-01-2024

1a) 5341

b) 1266 Male and 4075 Female

2a) 641

b) 56 Male and 585 Female

3. 37 hours per week

4. For staff working more than one contract and those contracts are different roles, they are entitled to an overtime payment when they work more than 37 hours per week in an individual contract.  This is per National Terms and Conditions. Their hours across contracts, where they have more than one contract for different posts, are not added together

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