FOI Request - "Scotland Loves Local" Gift Cards

Request 101003419278

I am making a FOI request for information regarding "Scotland Loves Local" gift cards; these may also be branded for your local are

They are managed by a company called Miconex ltd, which may be trading as "town & city gift cards"

1. How much public money over the last 3 years has been spent funding these cards, 

a) either by giving people pre-paid amounts during cost of living crisis or by paying annual, or 

b) one-off fees for producing cards or admin costs associated with this program?

Response 10-11-2023


FY Year Amount
2023/24 £4,483.17
202/23 £2,000
2021/22 NIL


b) £70,000 from the Economic Recovery Fund (including temporary 1 year Development Project Officer post, provide promotional budget, administration)

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