FOI Request - Summary Warrant Notifications

Request 101003411970

1.  How many Summary Warrant Notifications were sent to Individuals in respect of the Creditor "Vist Moray Speyside"?

2. How many within the last Two Months? Specifically, how many of these notices were sent to holiday accommodation owners or accommodation providers?

3.  What is the total amount in of the combined Summary Warrent Notifications?

4.  Please give details and dates of all formal warning notice given by the Council before Warrent Notices were issued.

5.  Were all businesses in arrears sent Warrent Notices equally?

6.  Did the Council wave charges for struggling providers in the current economic situation?


Response 11-10-2023

Information not held. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

Although Moray Council issues Summary Warrants for Visit Moray Speyside, they are the data-holders and we act on their behalf. They are a separate legal entity and this enquiry should be answered by them.

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