FOI Request - Telford Bridge, Craigellachie

Request 101003326431

This request covers the period 01.01.1964 -29.05.2023.

1.  Could you please provide dates of the inspections to the structure of the Telford Bridge Craigellachie, including all metalwork, deck and road surface, stonework on towers and abutments, the access road to the bridge from north side (Moray side of the bridge), the access road to the south (Banffshire side of the Bridge).

This information should include the dates of the inspections, the scope of the inspections, any specialist equipment used and electronic copies of the reports that have been submitted either by Moray Council officers or contractors.

We do not require a copy of the report dated July 2014 completed by the Concrete and Corrosion Consultancy Limited.

If reports are archived then please advise when and where these could be viewed and copied by a member of our group.

Response 21-06-2023

Inspection reports can be found here for 12/01/2010, 10/03/2023 for NN172 and 10/03/2023 for NN173

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