FOI Request - EV Charging Points

Request 101003318076

I am e-mailing you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I am after information relating to On-Street Residential Charging for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).
On-Street Residential Charging or Chargepoints are classified as on-street chargepoints in residential streets where off-street parking is not available.

If the request proves too broad, or exceeds the allocated time allowance for an FOI request, could you please focus on questions 1-5 as a priority, and let me know? In particular, I am after the following information:

1.  How many public charging outlets or chargepoints for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles have you installed to date in your local authority? Please provide figures to the nearest possible date and include the month and the year the figures correspond to.

2.  For Question 1, how many of the public charging outlets or chargepoints are those classed as On-Street Residential Chargepoints, located on-street in residential streets or areas?
3.  How many public charging outlets or chargepoints for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles do you plan to install in the current fiscal year or the current calendar year? Please provide figures to whichever timeframe corresponds with your reporting.

4.  For Question 3, how many of the planned public charging outlets or charegpoints are classed as On-Street Residential Chargepoints, to be installed in on-street residential areas?

5.  Do you have a published strategy for On-Street Residential charging infrastructure? Yes/no

6.  Do you have a dedicated Policy Officer (or equivalent) responsible for your electric vehicle charging infrastructure? Yes / No  

7.  Has your local authority submitted an application or multiple applications for the On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS)?

8.  If yes to Question7, how much funding has the local authority applied for in total? The figures can include funding yet to be received.  

Response 22-05-2023

1. 2014: 4, 2015: 3, 2016 – Nil, 2017: Nil, 2018: 2, 2019: 1, 2020: Nil, 2021: 15, 2022: 2

2. Nil.

3. To be decided.

4. Nil.

5. Link to Moray Council Strategy and Expansion Plan

6. Yes.

7. No.

8. N/A.

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