FOI Request - United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Request 101003312825

Request under Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

With reference to the above I am requesting the following information:

1.     A copy of all Council policies and guidance in respect of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and its implementation within the Council and any policy and guidance which relate specifically to its implementation in its schools.

2.     Details of school staffs’ training on the UNCRC, specifically whether this training is mandatory, the hours of training dedicated to UNCRC training and what this training entails.

3.     If available, a copy of all Council publications in respect of the UNCRC Incorporation (Scotland) Bill whether there are proposed changes to UNCRC policies and guidance once the Bill is enacted and details of these changes.

Response 06-06-2023

1. The recently revised Children's Services Plan is our vehicle for both single and multiagency work around supporting implementation of the UNCRC. The plan is thematically based around key themes in the UNCRC including tackling poverty, improving mental wellbeing, keeping children and young people safe, strengthening support around disability and neurodiversity and strengthening family support. The plan is nearing publication and will be available shortly online. 

In terms of schools and support at local authority level, a Moray Council 'Supporting All Learners Strategy' looks to ensure that all children and young people are supported to achieve their Rights. Schools will apply this Strategy at individual and school level to provide a relevant and targeted response for learners.

Schools have the freedom and autonomy to design their own approaches to the UNCRC based on the unique context of each schools including the UNCRC in approaches to Curriculum Rationale and Design and within whole school initiatives such as the Rights Respecting School award which the majority of Moray schools have accreditation within.

2. All school staff receive annual Child Protection Training. Teaching staff have 35 hours of professional learning to complete each year and within this time frame, teachers in consultation with their school can undertake relevant learning, including around the UNCRC. Support is provided by the local authority to deliver UNCRC training as requested. Teaching staff also have a Working Time Agreement decided at school level as well as In-Service time to support relevant training including the UNCRC.

3. The Children's Services Plan and the groups formed to take forward these priorities will take into account all emerging priorities, frameworks and legislation including the UNCRC. At Education Service level, new strategies and policies reference the UNCRC where applicable and relevant. Please find attached the Cost of the School Day Guidance for Moray Schools,   INCLUDE Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Guidance and Self-Evaluation for Educational Settings and Anti-Bullying Guidance documents

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