FOI Request - Council Tax Liabilities

Request 101003312790

Under Freedom of Information Act, I would like to request the following information:

1. Total number of Council Tax Liability Orders the council has up to the 1st May 2023
2. The value (£) of the total liability orders up to the 1st May 2023
3. What is the number of domestic properties within your council?
4. Is your Revenues and Benefits service currently outsourced? If yes who is running the service on your behalf?
5. Is your sundry debt collection currently outsourced. If yes who to
6. What is the total value (£) of sundry debts currently held by the council?

Response 22-05-2023

1. Moray Council does not issue Council Tax Liability Orders, so nil response 

2. Nil 

3. There are 46,859 Council Tax properties in Moray as at 12/05/2023 

4. No 

5. No 

6. The total balance outstanding for all Moray Council Sundry Debt as at 12/05/2023 is £4,470,937.15

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