FOI Request - Asylum Seekers In Eight Acres Hotel

Request 101003312684

Can you provide me details of the following under the FOI Act:
1. How many asylum seekers are presently and in total are there going to be housed in the Eight Acres?
2. How long will the be housed there for?
3. What is the percentage of male / Female / Children being housed?
4. What Doctors will they be looked after by?
5. What dentist will they be looked after by?
6. Is there security/24 hour reception that would monitor their coming and goings?
7. Are they provided with meals or money in lieu of?

Response 25-05-2023

1. The hotel has capacity to home 51 asylum seekers. 17 have arrived. (as at 10/05/23)

2. Unknown - further information can be sought from the Home Office.

3. All 51 will be single males.

4. Information not held. This level of detail cannot be provided. However, medical triage will take place at the hotel by an assigned Health Care Professional and if onward GP referral is required they will be referred to 1 of the 3 practices who have agreed to support the individuals. Based on information shared by other local authority areas the demoraphic of young single males have minimal impact on GP services.

5. None - the individuals would only receive emergency treatment.

6. The hotel has a 24/7 security team to ensure the health and wellbeing of the individuals.

7. The individuals are provided 3 basic meals per day.

Please note that Asylum Contingency Hotels are a Home Office initiative led by Mears Property and Care Providers, the local authority have no direct responsibility for the contingency hotels or their asylum guests, but do work in close partnership with Mears to both support the individuals and help to minimise the impact the contingency hotel may have on community services.

If further detail are required in relation asylum contingency hotels please contact the Home Office

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