FOI Request - Children's Learning Disability Placements

Request 101003309642

1. Please provide the current £ average weekly fee (also for the last 3 financial years if possible) for residential placements for children with learning disabilities split by acuity and primary care need if possible as defined by the following:

Acuity definitions
- Low acuity - Children requiring general care or less complex care receiving residential care without any need for significant complex care
- Mid acuity -  Children classified as requiring more personal care and some 1-1 or 2-1 care
- High acuity -  Children  with highest level of complexity and those with most acute needs who constantly require 1-1 care or 2-1 care or even multiple care staff to 1 care

Definitions for level of care
- regular care - children who receive standard residential care and do not have significant personal needs
- 1-1 care - children who require some 1-1 care in certain situations
- 2-1 care - children who are more complex and required more constant care from 2 staff
- multiple to 1 care - children with severe needs who needs multiple staff members to assist them in their care needs

Response 25-05-2023

1. Not held. We cannot answer this question with any certainty as the information is not recorded in the categories provided in the request. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

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