FOI Request - Market Supplements for Council Jobs

Request 101003305994

This is a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act.  Please could you provide answers to the following questions about the use of pay supplements (market supplements, incentives) for council job roles as of 1 January 2023. 

Q1. Please list the job roles in the Council that are receiving any kind of supplement in their pay (this could be a recruitment/ retention/ ‘welcome’ payment), the directorate and service area the job role is in e.g Adult social cate, the type of supplement e.g. recruitment and the value of the supplement that the role receives.

Q2.  For each job role in the above list, please state its grade, its lowest and highest spine points, its minimum and maximum salary.

Q3. For each job role, please also list how many women currently receive the supplement and how many men as well as the total number that receive it.

Q4. For each job role, please list the month/ year when the supplement was introduced and the month/year when it is due to end or be reviewed.

Q5. Please say which pay spine your Council follows e.g NJC, GLPC Il/OL, or local? If possible, please supple us with a copy of your grading structure.

Q6. Please state the total value of the most recent annual Council wage bill and the total value of the annual spend on pay supplements.

Response 26-07-2023

Q1 No job roles within Moray Council receive any kind of supplement in their pay.

Q2 Not applicable

Q3 Not applicable

Q4 Not applicable

Q5 Please see attached copy of grading structure.

Q6 The 2022/23 total salaries & wages were:

Salaries & Wages 134.719  
Pension contributions  26.945  
National Insurance  13.280  
Allowances    2.395  
Other Employee Costs    1.947 includes £1.134m additional pension costs, £0.671m Apprenticeship Levy
Total: 179.287  

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