FOI Request - Market Operators Licence

Request 101003304168

1. Please provide me with the breakdown of the cost of a Market Operators Full Licence currently charged at 447. 

2. What service or services does the Council provide with that Licence? What added value does the Licence provide to the holder?

Response 25-05-2023

This is exempt under Section 25 – Information Otherwise Accessible and available e.g. published on a website. In particular:

1. A licence is required by law to undertake the activity of metal dealing. The law is contained within the Civic Government (S) Act 1982 available here:
2. The fee for licence application is set by the licensing authority, in this case the Moray Licensing Committee. Fees are set on a cost recovery basis. Below is a link to the relevant page to find the Licensing Committee documents from the last fee setting exercise. They can be found in the agenda for the meeting of the 6/9/2017 at Item 7 plus appendices.
Since that time fees have been subject to inflationary increases each April as agreed by the Moray Council.

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