FOI Request - Lead Water Pipes in Schools

Request 101003302772

1.  How many schools in your area have lead water pipes?  

2.  How many schools have no lead pipes but have lead fittings on copper water pipes (e.g.- lead solder)?  

3. Please provide the names and postcodes of the schools in Q1 and Q2  

4. Please can you provide details of any testing you carry out for lead in school water. How often is testing carried out?

5. Please provide a figure for tests carried out in the last three years. Could you also provide a copy of the test results?

6. Please provide the names postcodes of the schools tested in Q5  

7. If a breach in water quality is detected in a school, water companies must serve a notice to the building owner under Regulation 21 guidance to ensure action is taken to improve the quality of the drinking supply. Please state how many times you have been the recipient of such a notice since 2012 including the current year up to the date of your response to this request related to lead  

8. Please provide the names and postcodes of the schools in Q7  

9. In each case in Q7, please state what the issue was and what remedial action was taken.  

Response 19-05-2023

1. According to our records, Moray Council have no lead water pipes in school properties.

2. It is suspected that 49 schools have an element of solder joints

3. Please see attached spreadsheet.

4. Last testing undertaken in 2017.

5. Not held. None undertaken in last 3 years. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

6. Not applicable

7. Not aware of receiving any such notices in the period from 2012. During the sampling in 2017, 3 schools were in breach of the 10 microgram per litre limit.  

Portnockie Primary  AB56 4NX
Findochty Primary  AB56 4QW
Portgordon Primary AB56 5RA

Portnockie Primary - Significant internal and external cold water supply pipework had to be replaced despite no lead pipework being found. It was assumed that the accumulation of lead solder joints or previous lead pipework had left residual levels. Resamples were below 10mg/l following these works.

Findochty Primary - Sections of lead / cold water pipework were replaced internally. No other lead pipework was found. Resamples were below the 10mg/l following these works.

Portgordon Primary - Significant internal cold water pipework had to be replaced in order to make an underground supply into the school redundant. Resamples were below the 10mg/l threshold.

8. Not applicable

9. Not applicable

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