FOI Request - Asbestos Registers

Request 101003294612

1. All asbestos registers held by Moray Council for East End Primary School, Elgin (including all buildings currently and formerly forming part of the school’s campus).

2. All record held by Moray Council in respect of the instruction of contractors to construct, demolish or renovate and buildings currently or formally forming part of East End Primary School’s campus, and any notices provided by contractor of the presence of asbestos.

3. Any other records held by Moray Council in relation to east End Primary School detailing the presence of asbestos and its location in any building currently or formerly forming part of the school’s campus

Response 10-05-2023

Updated 23-05-2023

1. All available Management / Re-inspection reports/updates are attached and can be found here and here as well as here: Asbestos Register 

Update: Please note that any paperwork on this prior to 2009 has been stored in a different method that would take an officer over the threshold of 40 hours to go through. This task would cost the Council in excess of £600 of staff time. In accordance with section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (excessive cost), we are therefore unable to comply with this part of the request.

2. The Asbestos Management Survey is held on site in a purple folder labelled ASBESTOS REGISTER, it is accessible for contractors to read and sign prior to carrying out works. Our current database Confirm (used since 2014) produces all works orders for sending to contractors. Every works order states: Warning - Elements of this property may contain ASBESTOS.  Please check asbestos register on arrival.  

Prior to our project works whereby it is anticipated that works will be intrusive, a Refurbishment & Demolition (R&D) Survey is requested which aims to ‘locate and identify all ACMs before any structural work begins at a stated location or on stated equipment'. All available R&D reports are attached along with the SEPA notes for the ACMs removed.

3. Please see attachments as noted above. 

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